U-Statistics and Imperfect Ranking in Ranked Set Sampling

Detailed Calculations

Once upon a time I did a little work on ranked set sampling with my former colleague Lora Bohn, work which was eventually published in the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics. The examples and counterexamples in the paper required some fairly routine calculations that we did not include, but we promised to make them available upon request. Someone recently asked for them for the first time in at least a few years, so I decided to make them available here so that they can be found by others. Of course, if you find them useful I would be pleased to hear about it.

My only other comment is that these details, and especially the comments therein, will not make much sense if you don't read the original, extremely enlightening paper. 😄

Brett Presnell
Brett Presnell
Associate Professor of Statistics

My research interests include nonparametric and computationally intensive statistics, model misspecification, statistical computing, and the analysis of directional data.