R Package icda

What Is This About?

Years ago, while teaching our undergraduate categorical data analysis course, I created a small R package consisting mainly of datasets from the text An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (2nd edn) by my colleague Alan Agresti, along with a few convenience functions. My primary goal was to make it easy for my students to get started on the examples and exercises, so the help files for each dataset included fairly detailed R code and in my mind this is really the the main feature of the package.

Unfortunately, I haven't taught the course over a decade, so I have not been actively maintaining the package and by now there is a newer edition of the text and probably several other associated R packages. Nevertheless, I still occassionally get requests for the package and I put it on github a while back to make it more easily available. So, if you landed on my web pages while looking for the icda package, you can install it in R with the following sequence of commands:


And here are my old class notes and the tangled R code.

Brett Presnell
Brett Presnell
Associate Professor of Statistics

My research interests include nonparametric and computationally intensive statistics, model misspecification, statistical computing, and the analysis of directional data.