The course sequence STA 7466-7467 seeks to provide PhD students in statistics and closely related areas with a thorough working knowledge of measure theoretic probability. Using the concepts and methods covered in this course, statistical problems which might otherwise be treated as a series of special cases can be reduced to their essentials, faciltating rigorous and often simpler proofs of more powerful results. Mastery of these concepts and methods is thus critical for advanced work in mathematical statistics.



  • Basic real analysis/advanced calculus (at the level of MAA 5228, MAA 6236, or equivalent). A solid grasp of real analysis will be essential.

  • Some knowledge of basic probability and mathematical statistics will be very helpful (at a minimum at the level of STA 4321-4322 or STA 5325-5328, and preferably at the level of STA 6326-6327.)

  • STA 7466 is required for STA 7467.

Please see the instructor if in doubt about the prerequisites.


Time & Location

  • M, W, F, Period 8 (3:00 PM - 3:50 PM) in FLO 0230


You can find the course website in Canvas by logging into UF’s elearning website using your gatorlink username and password. The course notes, assignments, and so forth can be found there.